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The Endometriosis Health & Diet Program: Available Now

The Endometriosis Health & Diet Program by Dr. Cook

Introducing :

The Endometriosis Health & Diet Program, co-authored by Dr. Andrew Cook and Danielle Cook.

This comprehensive, integrative program for treating endometriosis, and serves as a starting point for building an individualized program. It explains the medical side of endometriosis and how lifestyle factors may impact the disease — it answers the “why” of this condition, including ways to strengthen your body to optimize your health through detoxification and stress reduction. This program includes 100 delicious inflammation reducing recipes and useful tips to manage symptoms and potentially slow or halt endometriosis disease.

Now available for order on Amazon: The Endometriosis Health & Diet Program

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The Endometriosis Health & Diet Program: Available Now
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The Endometriosis Health & Diet Program: Available Now
Dr Cook's Health & Diet program will guide you to reduce Endometriosis symptoms through an individualized integrative plan of important lifestyle changes.
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Vital Health Endometriosis Center
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  1. Hi. I am planning on starting this diet next week. I have stage 1 Endo that took 13 years to diagnose. I take Zantac and Metamucil daily. I was planning on continuing these except switching to a different psyllium only product. Any thoughts on the psyllium?

  2. Good afternoon I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 1996 the doctor opted to do a bikini cut full hysterectomy I would like to know can it return if they took out everything and what can i do about it? Thank you.