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It’s time to get your life back

If you or someone you love is suffering from endometriosis, you have come to the right place

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What it Really Means to Have Endometriosis

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For over 25 years…

We’ve been helping women with endometriosis regain their quality of life resulting with minimal or no pain, allowing for the start of a new journey toward actual physical health, happiness and spiritual growth.

What our patients are saying
How to treat Endometriosis - Vital Health Endometriosis Centers - Dr. Andrew Cook

A leader in the field with advanced skills in minimally invasive surgery for endometriosis

Dr. Andrew Cook is considered one of the leading endometriosis specialists worldwide, both for his many years of experience and his award-winning surgery and for his comprehensive approach to treating endometriosis and pelvic pain.

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Erika’s Story

“It was very surreal, because here I was, putting all my trust into this surgeon.. But I felt something in my gut that said this man can help me and I’m so glad… It completely changed my life. I could get up in the morning. I didn’t have painI was finally able to get out be active, and go to the movies with friends and be on cheer squad at school, which I never thought I would be able to do.

“I just want other girls to realize that there is hope. You can regain your life. It’s not a life sentence of pain if you get to the right surgeon…”

More Success Stories

Restoring Lives

Dr. Andrew Cook’s medical practice is characterized by the underlying philosophy of treating patients with respect and dignity. At the same time, he uses a comprehensive, open-minded approach with the latest medical technology to provide leading-edge health care to treat disease and achieve health and wellness.

Endometriosis Treatment

What is endometriosis and how can you overcome it? See more

Pelvic Pain Causes

We offer treatment for many pelvic pain conditions. See for yourself!


Endometriosis within the wall of the uterus. Learn more

Specialized Surgical Excision

Dr. Cook is one of the few who can remove endometriosis. See How

Treating The Whole Person

We show you how to get your life back after endometriosis. See more

Ongoing Relief

Our success rate is greater than 90% over the past decade. See Data

6 Tips for Surviving Endometriosis

These stories from real women will help you take your first steps toward getting your life back.

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Endo Blog

“Listen to yourself and fight for what you need to get, and remember there is hope, there is life after endometriosis – it is possible!” -Dr. Cook

Virtual Consult

with world’s top endo expert

For out of area patients, Dr. Cook will carefully review your medical history and consult with you on treatment for your pelvic pain.

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Your Experience Matters Most

We understand what you’ve been going through. Our entire culture is built around providing a level of care you will remember.Our warm, friendly staff will welcome you to our environmentally green office where you’ll receive world-class medical care from a dedicated, multidisciplinary team of health practitioners.

Traveling for Care

Traveling for Care

Patients travel to Vital Health Endometriosis Centers for surgery from all around the world. Traveling patients have specific requirements that need to be met to ensure optimal care during their stay in Los Gatos or Durango and during their ongoing post-operative recovery.At Vital Health Endometriosis Centers, we provide comprehensive care from your first contact with us. If you are an Out-of-Area patient considering surgery, check out our Traveling Guide and Treatment Timeline.

Patient Travel Guide Treatment Timeline
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