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Endometriosis Specialty Center

Getting to the root of your pelvic pain

When pelvic pain enters your life, the first step is to diagnose the problem. Our center provides a complete diagnostic work-up for girls and women with complex pelvic pain disorders, including endometriosis.

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Exploring your treatment options for endometriosis

Every woman with endometriosis and pelvic pain deserves the best of care. Our center offers a comprehensive range of treatments, from advanced laparoscopic excision surgery to specialized pelvic physical therapy, nutritional counseling, and integrated therapies.

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Your ongoing care after endometriosis treatment

While specialized surgery is a vital step in treating your endometriosis, regaining optimal health often requires ongoing follow-up care. Our center extends a unique service of complimentary patient care and support during your journey to recovery following surgery.

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What it really means to have endometriosis…

Dr. Cook peels away the medical terminology to take a truly candid look at what it really means to live with endometriosis. Share this article with friends and family so that they can better understand and support you. Read on…

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Endometriosis Specialty Center
Successful endometriosis and pelvic pain treatment removes disease AND restores health in the patient. Our comprehensive approach does both for our patients