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Traveling for Care

Patients travel to Vital Health Endometriosis Center for surgery from all around the world. Traveling patients have specific requirements that need to be met to ensure optimal care during their stay in Durango but also during their travel home after surgery and their ongoing post-operative recovery.

My quality of life has improved so much since traveling to California to see Dr. Cook for surgery, and I only wish I had found him sooner.
-Mary B.

At Vital Health’s Endometriosis Specialty Center, we provide comprehensive care from the moment you contact us through the first year following your surgery. If you are an Out-of-Area Patient considering surgery, you will find all the detailed steps in this easily downloadable pdf file here:

Download the Out-of-Area Patient Surgery Timeline

Arriving for surgery and leaving after surgery

We advise traveling patients to arrive in Durango or the surrounding area by the evening prior to their first pre-operative consultation. Typically this will be the Sunday evening, with a pre-operative office visit taking place on the Monday (although scheduling may vary).

Traveling patients are cleared to travel home following their post-operative in-office visit, which usually takes place the Monday following surgery (again scheduling may vary). This means that the average traveling patient will spend 8 nights in Durango or surroundings before heading home.

When making traveling plans, please consult with the office for your personalized pre-op, surgery and post-op schedule and for individualized advice on making suitable travel arrangements.


Our recommended hotels provides an overview of comfortable and affordable accommodations (some of which have special patient discounts) near Vital Health Endometriosis Center and the surgical facilities where Dr. Cook performs surgery.

Traveling home after surgery

The thought of traveling a long distance home following major surgery can be a daunting prospect. With the following tips, we can help ensure that your journey is as smooth as possible.

If traveling a long distance home by car, be sure to plan regular rest breaks (every 2 hours) to stretch your legs. Do not drive yourself home.

If traveling home by plane, request flight assistance ahead of your flight so that you do not have to walk long distances in the airport and so that help is on hand, if needed, when boarding the plane and managing any luggage you may have. If you require a long-haul flight (longer than 3 hours) home be sure to stretch your legs every 2 hours during the flight.

Pack a small cushion or pillow to place between your abdomen and your car or plane seatbelt to prevent discomfort. Pack loose-fitting clothing with a broad, loose elasticated waistband (such as yoga or stretch pants) to wear for the return journey.

Traveling patients may request a pair of thrombosis stockings to wear for the journey home to aid in circulation.

Many traveling patients are concerned about what they would do should any problems arise during the post-op period and ongoing recovery after they have returned home. At Vital Health Endometriosis Center we offer a unique follow-up care program, which offers a level of care (including ongoing distance care) that simply is unavailable at other endometriosis treatment centers.

Patients return home with pain medication and sufficient refills to manage any post-operative pain during their recovery and the healing process.

While we offer a year’s complimentary follow-up care relating to your surgery, shortly after returning home you will receive a detailed information package, including pre-operative lab reports, operative and pathology reports, surgical photos, your surgery DVD (free on request) and a cover letter for you to provide to your local healthcare providers to inform and educate them about the specialized surgery you have received from Dr. Cook.

I have never felt the kindness, respect and warmth, anywhere else, that I feel in Dr. Cook’s office. Everyone there is so kind and concerned. The atmosphere is one of professional yet caring. I cannot recommend them highly enough! I travel for several hours, by airplane, to get here, to get what I consider the best care possible.

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Traveling for Care
Patients travel to Vital Health Endometriosis Center for surgery from all around the world. See the traveling for care requirements here.