Vital Health Endometriosis Center

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Vital Health Endometriosis Center has evolved into an internationally acclaimed center of expertise in women’s healthcare, welcoming patients from all around the world. Our unique program of comprehensive, interdisciplinary treatments, including advanced surgical excision of endometriosis and reconstructive pelvic floor surgery, our attentive patient follow-up care and our holistic approach to women’s health set us apart in the quality and success of the care we have to offer.

I felt believed for the first time in a long time. I felt like I wasn’t a little girl sitting in front of a scary doctor, like I have felt with my regular GYN. I felt like it was okay to say what I actually felt.Tiffany

The way women should be treated

Many of the women who come to us have already endured a long and painful journey in the effort to find answers and solutions to their health problems. Being passed from doctor to doctor, undergoing what are often painful and humiliating tests and procedures without the relief that was so desperately hoped for. Many are told there is no solution to their problem, they have to live with it, it’s just part of being a woman, it’s all in their heads, it’s not that bad…

At Vital Health, we understand, we listen, and we care. The process of restoring health begins by validating, acknowledging, educating and restoring your hope after what is often years of battling health problems that no one seems to understand. We believe you and we are here to help.

It is not only our hope to help those who have struggled for years with unresolved health problems but also to reach out to those who are beginning their journeys and to prevent a cycle of suffering and ineffective treatment. After all, prevention is the best cure.

Areas of expertise

  • Endometriosis
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Pelvic floor disorders
  • Complex gynecological conditions
  • Multi-Systemic dysfunction resulting from chronic illness

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Multidisciplinary Specialty Centers

In order to provide women who have complex health problems with the comprehensive and integrated care that they need, Vital Health Endometriosis Center is composed of several specialty centers, dedicated to different aspects of women’s healthcare. Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of the institute we are able to seamlessly coordinate your care with the necessary professionals all under the same roof, providing a truly whole-person approach.

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Investing in the future

Vital Health Endometriosis Center is not only a center dedicated to treating complex gynecological problems but also a center for research, education and the development of new treatment paradigms so that the next generation of women need not suffer as this generation so sadly has.

Multiple generations of women

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