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Miss USA contestant Joins the Fight for Endo Awareness

Vital Health patient Justice Enlow, Miss Tennessee USA 2020 fights for endo awareness as she strives to empower other women with endometriosis to find life-changing treatment as she did at Vital Health Endometriosis Center.

“I believe that every woman deserves a life ruled by their passions, purpose, and dreams rather than by pain.” — Justice Enlow, Miss Tennessee USA 2020

Justice suffered for 10 years with symptoms of endometriosis, including painful periods, digestive issues, chronic abdominal and pelvic pain, and extreme fatigue. She says, “The pain got so bad that I ended up on prescription pain medication and missed a significant portion of my college classes.”

Misdiagnoses are too common, but you can get your life back

In those painful 10 years, Justice sought treatment from her doctors and was misdiagnosed several times. Her life changed when she found Vital Health Endometriosis Center and internationally renowned endometriosis specialist Dr. Andrew S. Cook, M.D.

“Dr. Cook and the entire staff at Vital Health Institute were an answer to my prayers,” she says. “They were the first medical professionals that I spoke with who validated my pain but also gave me hope for my future. I am now almost 3 years post-op and can honestly say that Dr. Cook gave me back my life.”

Living her dream and using her platform to empower women with endo

Today, Justice is spreading awareness and fighting for other women with endometriosis in her role as Miss Tennessee USA 2020. And now, by competing in Miss USA 2020 pageant, she feels she has an even greater opportunity to raise awareness. Her platform is empowering women with endometriosis to be their own health advocates in finding treatment.

“I am living out my dream of competing for Miss USA because of the amazing care that I received at Vital Health Institute,” she says. Justice is also the founder of Justice For Women, a non-profit that believes “no person, prejudice, or health concern should stand between a woman and her purpose.”

Understanding the difference an Endometriosis Specialist makes

Endometriosis is a leading cause of chronic pelvic pain in women, and it can have a dramatic effect on all aspects of a woman’s quality of life. In addition to being misdiagnosed, many women, before being treated by Dr. Cook, have undergone one, and sometimes multiple, failed surgeries that use outdated techniques such as ablation. Dr. Cook has created a hashtag on Instagram called #BanTheBurn in an effort to bring awareness to and save women from the pain and trauma they are experiencing in these failed surgeries. Justice remarked “I will forever be grateful that Dr. Cook was the one and only surgeon that I saw.” Her fight to raise awareness will help combat the many myths that exist regarding endometriosis. On her website, she talks about her treatment journey in more detail, here.

Next Steps

Read more about “What it Really Means to have Endometriosis” and download the full PDF guide to share with friends and family here.
You may also request a screen-share virtual consult to discuss your specific case with Dr. Cook.
The Vital Health team wants to help you get your life back, just as we were able to help Justice and many other women like her. Use this form to request a complimentary record review.

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Miss Tennessee Fights for Endo Awareness
Article Name
Miss Tennessee Fights for Endo Awareness
Justice Enlow, Miss Tennessee fights for endo awareness as she strives to empower other women with endometriosis to find life-changing treatment