Free Record Review Consultation

Dr. Cook offers a free record review to women thinking of traveling here for help with pelvic pain. After you have filled out the new patient forms and we have received your medical records, Dr. Cook will carefully review your records and we will schedule your free record review consultation. Your “virtual consult” is usually scheduled around two weeks from the time of our receiving your records and paperwork (depending on demand and personal scheduling).

Dr. Cook talking to a patient via FaceTime

Discuss your case with Dr. Cook via FaceTime or Skype video call using screen share from anywhere around the globe

Dr. Cook took time out of his day to have a free consultation with me online about my case, a person he has never met or seen before with no guarantee that I will become a patient in the future. He listened without interrupting me, answered all my questions and expressed genuine concern and sympathy because I have been through “more pain than treatment.” His words.Jen W.

Your free record review consult will be held over FaceTime or Skype using video*, so that you can talk to Dr. Cook face-to-face and he can view and explain your previous records (including surgery photos) in real time using screen share. This gives you the chance to ask questions and get direct feedback on previous surgeries or other treatments you may have had. By the end of the consult Dr. Cook will propose a treatment plan and we will provide a customized payment plan. If you decide to proceed with your care with us you can then schedule your in-office consultation and surgery date.

The unique record review FaceTime consult allows us to reach out and help patients from all over the US and beyond. Many of our patients travel for surgery with us and our free “virtual consult” helps bridge the distance and provide you with the best care wherever you happen to be.

Request a Free Record Review Consult

* If you are unable to access FaceTime or Skype, Dr. Cook will happily conduct your free consult via phone instead.