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Endometriosis tortures people. It doesn’t kill them but there are times when you may wish it would kill you.Dr. Cook

CBS news LA covers the story of Leslie Valladares, a former patient of Dr. Cook who had her life transformed following his specialized endometriosis excision surgery. Leslie had suffered for years with the crippling symptoms of endometriosis and had been unable to find relief, despite enduring surgeries and rounds of hormone therapy with several doctors. After exhausting all her options locally, she decided to travel to Los Gatos to undergo surgery with Dr. Cook, world-renowned specialist in endometriosis, and went on to make a full recovery.

We hope that Leslie’s courage in sharing her story will bring hope to other women who are struggling to live with the same debilitating symptoms.

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  1. Christine

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis in October of 2015. After years of suffering, I finally found out why. My uterus was stuck to intestines, bladder, & ureter. My ovaries where stuck to my uterus. I have endometriosis on my intestines as well. My gyno said my pelvis was a mess, she drained a chocolate cyst on each ovary. She gave me options, I opted for full hysterectomy because of the severity of the pain. I was referred to a gynecologist at a bigger hospital as my gyno knew that it would be a difficult surgery. I had a successful hysterectomy, however the gyno who did it told me she basically only did what she had to to remove my uterus and ovaries. I have gone back to her as I am severe pain still worse then before the hysterectomy. I suffer from chronic left pelvic pain, lower back and hip pain. I have bloating, diaherra, constipation, weight loss, loss of appetite, its just horrible. She will not see me anymore as she specializes only in cancer. I’m back with my primary gyno and she’s starting from square one trying to help me. Can it still be the endometriosis that is causing the pain even though I’ve had a hysterectomy? I’m lost for answers and I just want relief. This article hit home as the pain is interfering with my work & personal life. I see that people look at me as the pain is not that severe because I try not to show it but I’m really dying in pain. I live in NM and have not found any doctor who truly specializesorry in endometriosis. I would appreciate any feedback.

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