Vital Health Endometriosis Center provides Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Healthcare

My vision in creating Vital Health Endometriosis Center was to provide the best possible medical care for patients in a respectful healing environment. Simply put, my goal was to correct the medical problems that patients presented to me. But no one seemed to have the answers. In spite of having the good fortune to train at some of the best institutions in the world with some of the best doctors, I wasn’t able to find anyone who understood what this disease was really all about and what was needed to fix the problem. Thus, I embarked on my 20-year medical journey to seek the answers to these questions.

My search to find the answers has taken me to a lot of different fields in health care, both conventional and non-conventional. The result is that Vital Health Endometriosis Center offers traditional western medical care spanning a wide range of specialties, as well as many different integrative or proactive approaches to health care which work synergistically with traditional medicine. This comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach provides the best results for patients.

Endometriosis and pelvic pain is rarely just an OB/GYN disease. You can see in the table below (highlighted in red) how much is missed if only the “GYN – Surgery, Meds” medical specialty is used for the treatment of endometriosis and pelvic pain.

Vital Health Endometriosis Center Comprehensive Medical Health Care

A gynecological approach involving surgery and medication is only one of many possible treatments.

At Vital Health Endometriosis Center, I offer what I believe to be the best surgical treatment of endometriosis. And while this is absolutely critical for the successful treatment of endometriosis, it is usually not as simple as just removing all of the endometriosis implants.

Successful treatment of endometriosis and pelvic pain can be complex and challenging. In addition to the complete surgical removal of endometriosis and other conditions that cause pain, we provide direct care or help coordinate care from any of the other medical specialties that patients need.

Within these specialties, we pride ourselves on offering innovative leading-edge care based on the latest scientific information. For example, we have used probiotics to correct Vitamin D deficiencies for many, many years. The understanding and use of these treatments are just now beginning to reach the average health care provider.

Western medicine is amazing in the tools it has given us to diagnose and treat disease, both pharmaceutically and surgically. But it is really just that – a disease management system, not a health care system.  A two-pronged approach that targets disease elimination and proactive restoration of health using an integrative approach as indicated works synergistically for the patient.

Vital Health Endometriosis Center is a realized dream of providing comprehensive multidisciplinary health care in a respectful healing environment and is a model for how medicine should be practiced.

Finally, Vital Health Endometriosis Center is a group of amazing people who are devoted to helping our patients feel better. We all believe in our patients, and our mission is to make this place a better world and provide a better life for our patients. We do not have magical answers, but we try very hard to do the best job possible for our patients.