Ram Gupta Joins VHI Providing Hypnotherapy Services to Our Patients

Ram Gupta
Mind and body are not two separate things. Mind and body form a continuum. All emotions in the mind, effect the body and all activity in the body effect the mind. Treating one without the other is like being married without love.Ram Gupta

Ram has had an interesting personal journey. He is a very successful Silicon Valley professional, having been in executive management roles in companies like WebMD, PeopleSoft, and Cast Iron systems, and continues to serve as director on the boards of various public and private companies.

But in 2013 life took an interesting turn for him and he came down with severe pain all over his body and specifically in the pelvis. When 9 MRIs, 300+ blood tests and the best western medical professionals failed to help him, he sought mind medicine with Hypnotherapy, GEMT and Bio Energy. These therapies brought Ram from the verge of dying back to being healthy.

The epiphany for Ram was that in addition to the physiological and anatomical conditions that western medicine can treat, all pain has a mind component that can only be treated with mind medicine.

Since then, Ram has dedicated himself to learning various mind medicine modalities including Hypnotherapy, GEMT, and Bio Energy from the best teachers in these disciplines. Having lived through such a traumatic experience himself, he has deep empathy for his patients. Ram does not practice mind medicine to earn a living, as he does not need to work for a living. His practice is a mission for him to help as many people as he can.