Dr. Nancy Lowe Joins VHI Providing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Acupuncture

Dr. Nancy Lowe began her career in holistic health over 30 years ago with an interest in natural foods and nutrition. She became a certified massage therapist, and soon afterward was enrolled at Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She received her acupuncture license in 1987 and is now is a professor at Five Branches University.

In 2008, after two years of rigorous study with many eminent Chinese and American practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM], including study at Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou China, she received her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine [DAOM]. She continues to study energy and herbal medicine as it applies to the body, mind and spirit.

Nancy Lowe

In 2009, Dr. Lowe added Emotional Freedom Techniques [EFT] to her practice. She realized that many of her patients’ problems had strong emotional components. She needed a way to discover and resolve the emotional roots of her patients’ suffering. When she found EFT, she understood that this was the modality she had been searching for.

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