All services and activities at Vital Health Institute
are organized under the following five departments.

The Department of Western (Allopathic) Medicine encompasses all conventional surgical and non-surgical treatments on offer at Vital Health, including the advanced minimally invasive surgery on offer in the Endometriosis and Urogynecology specialty centers

Department Director: Dr. Andrew Cook, M.D.

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The Department of Integrative Medicine encompasses all alternative treatments & therapies on offer at Vital Health. The department’s main focus is overseeing the Integrative Specialty Center.

Department Director: Danielle Cook, MS, RD, CDE

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The Department of Research & Evidence Based Medicine is responsible for conducting clinical research into endometriosis and pelvic pain. At Vital Health Institute we carefully monitor and follow-up our patients in order to evaluate their progress. This ongoing clinical follow-up also provides us with greater insight into the nature of endometriosis and other sources of pelvic pain. We are continually striving to refine and improve our approach to treating pelvic pain as well as utilizing our expertise to contribute to the international research community.

Department Director: Libby Hopton

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The Department of Health Informatics & Patient Liaison Services is responsible for maintaining the patient electronic medical records system.

Department Director: Margaret Sterner
Assisting staff: Ted Sterner

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The Department of Insurance & Billing is responsible for the processing of insurance claims and patient billing for all medical services received at Vital Health Institute. We work with your health insurance provider to assess the extent of your benefits and to develop a personalized pricing plan ahead of your treatment.

Billing Manager: Jil Britt

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