What is a Specialty Center?

The Specialty Centers at Vital Health represent focal areas of expertise within our institute, bringing together a multidisciplinary team of experts who coordinate comprehensive, leading-edge care within their area of specialty.

While generalized care may be sufficient for a wide variety of everyday health concerns, specialized care offers the expertise and the breadth of therapies needed to successfully treat complex health conditions. At Vital Health our specialty centers focus on 3 distinct areas:

Endometriosis Treatment

In general gynecology, endometriosis is often trivialized as a common disorder that can be managed with pain medications and hormone therapy… or by “going and getting pregnant.” Sadly, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While the disease does affect millions of women worldwide, the treatments offered by general OBGYNs often fail to provide the necessary relief to enable women with the condition to lead full and productive lives. Women with endometriosis often find themselves in a cycle of failed surgical and medical interventions, all the while their lives are on hold and their health is declining. At Vital Health, the Endometriosis Specialty Center brings together a comprehensive team of professionals with years of experience and dedication in successfully treating even the most complex cases of endometriosis.

Endometriosis Specialty Center

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Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine focuses on restoring balance to all of the body’s systems thereby treating the whole person. Many of the patients who come to us have exhausted the range of treatments typically prescribed within traditional western medicine, due to the complex, multisystemic nature of their health problems. Rather than focusing on one symptom and one problem at a time, our Integrative Medicine Center offers a comprehensive approach to restoring over all health through a diverse program of integrative therapies. Western and integrative therapies may be combined to achieve optimal outcomes.

Integrative Specialty Center

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