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Post-Surgical Follow-Up

Post-Surgical Follow-Up

The patients who come to us for surgical excision of their endometriosis have on average had more than 3 previous surgeries to treat their condition and have endured more than a decade of chronic pelvic pain. An important question, therefore, is “how can a single surgery resolve the pain that has plagued me for much of my life?” While surgery to finally remove the disease is an essential step in your journey to recovery, we recognize that surgery alone may not miraculously fix all that has gone before. Recovery takes time and patience and many women will experience ups and downs during the first days, weeks and months after undergoing major life-changing surgery. Our team of dedicated staff is here to help you every step of the way.

While other surgical centers specialized in treating endometriosis limit their services to providing surgical care and immediate post-operative after-care, Vital Health provides a unique program of ongoing care, wherever in the world you happen to be. All surgical patients are provided a year of complimentary care for any issue relating to their surgery and are routinely followed-up throughout the course of their first-year post-op. Thereafter, we invite each of our surgery patients to provide ongoing feedback about their progress. The ongoing positive patient feedback not only provides reassurance that the surgical and multidisciplinary treatment programs work but also enables us to continually improve the way we treat women with endometriosis.

I went into surgery knowing that I had a whole team on hand should I encounter any bumps on the road to recovery. This was so reassuring after not having the best recovery experiences with surgery in the past. Fortunately, everything went well and I’ve been enjoying getting back to all those things that had been put on hold so long. The regular phone calls with the nurse practitioner helped allay any worries both pre- and post-surgery and gave me the chance to ask any questions that came up, however small or trivial.

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Post-Surgical Follow-Up
All surgical patients are provided a year of complementary care for any issue relating to their surgery and are routinely followed-up.