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Endometriosis Treatment


If you have suffered from debilitating endometriosis pain, there is hope.

Whether you are seeking help for the first time or have experienced one or more failed Endometriosis treatment – there is real hope for relief with Dr. Andrew Cook at the Vital Health Institute. Women from across the country and all over the world come to the Vital Health Institute in California for successful treatment of their endometriosis pain.

According to our patient survey, the average patient seen at Vital Health Endometriosis Center has been in pain for 11 years and had undergone 3.2 previous surgeries. But after receiving treatment by Vital Health Endometriosis Center’s nationally recognized surgeon Dr. Andrew Cook, our survey results show that:

  • On average our patients are 75% better
  • Over half (55%) experienced near resolution of symptoms (>90% improvement)
  • 84% of the patients who had their endometriosis removed have not had another surgery
  • The recurrence rate of endometriosis was less than 10%

Dr. Andrew Cook, founder and director of the Vital Health Endometriosis Center and author of the highly-acclaimed book Stop Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain, is a world-renowned, highly sought-after endometriosis expert and leader in his field. Dr. Cook’s multidisciplinary approach combines Western medicine and technology with his advanced surgical skills and alternative integrative medicine approaches to produce outstanding results for Endometriosis patients – often after other efforts have failed.

Take Action Now – learn whether the innovative medical approach that Dr. Cook and the Vital Health Institute staff embrace can make a difference in your life – and the lives of your loved ones who also are affected by your pain and suffering. Take One Simple Step today to end your misery: pick up the phone and call (408) 358-2511 or fill out the form below to request a complimentary phone consultation with Vital Health.

What you’ll experience during your phone consultation:

  • An initial assessment with a world-renowned Endometriosis expert that will tell you whether the Vital Health Endometriosis Center approach might be able to substantially reduce or eliminate your Endometriosis pain.
  • An interactive conversation with an expert – who is also an expert at listening to his patients.
  • A determination whether it will be worth your further time and effort to proceed as a patient seeking your own success story.
  • If you have had previous treatments that haven’t worked, Vital Health will also do a record review and discuss our thoughts with you about how Dr. Cook’s approach distinguishes from your previous experiences.
  • Peace of mind in knowing you’ve left no stone unturned to find relief.

Why give this a 2nd thought? If you’re reading this, then you or someone you know and care deeply about is in pain. Pain that is bad in and of itself, yet that’s just the beginning of the endless ways that Endometriosis can destroy lives as your family, your lifestyle and professional interests are all compromised from this terrible disease.

Take One Simple Step – call us and set up an appointment to speak with a Vital Health professional and learn if the success that hundreds of women with severe Endometriosis pain have achieved can also become your story. He excels at successfully treating women who have experienced previous treatments yet the endometriosis pain has returned… with a vengeance.

Request a free record review and virtual consult with Vital Health

Vital Health offers a free record review to any woman seeking help with pelvic pain. After you have filled out the new patient forms and we have received your medical records, we will carefully review your records and we will schedule your free record review consultation.

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Endometriosis Treatment
Understand endometriosis treatment options and how best to successfully resolve your pelvic pain. There are effective treatment options available to you.