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Endometriosis Excision Ends Teen’s Years of Pelvic Pain

“Every single day I would wake up in excruciating pain. It was like stabbing pain – it was like a hot knife being poked. I just stayed in bed… I couldn’t go to school. I had many MANY trips to the ER trying to figure out what was the cause of this pain. There were times I would wish I just didn’t wake up because I had no reprieve from the pain.”

Erika – a young woman who experienced a traumatic biking accident at age 10 that ruptured her spleen should have been getting better. Instead of getting better her pain persisted. In fact, she was in excruciating pain that went on for years.

This is Erika’s Story – a story of four years of pain and daily challenges, yet persistence in trying to find answers. A story of a mother’s love and tenacity in championing her daughter’s full recovery. A story of how endometriosis can even severely impact young girls.

In this endometriosis video, Erika and her mother recount the incredible journey from doctor to doctor to find answers and reclaim a life from debilitating pain for Erika. They tell their story, including the turning point – a correct endometriosis diagnosis and adhesions that set them on the right path with the right surgeon and right technique to end her pain. Some of the insights covered in Erika’s video include:

  • Years of misdiagnosis
  • Disbelief in the possibility of an endometriosis diagnosis for a young girl
  • The turning point – endometriosis diagnosis + adhesions
  • Research for the right endometriosis specialist

“I just want other girls to realize that there is hope. You can regain your life. It’s not a life sentence of pain. If you get to the right surgeon you can regain your life and you can progress as a person without pain.”

Throughout this 4-year-long ordeal, Erika’s mother was her champion. Her comment is worth hearing: “We listened to her. Had we not listened to her we cannot imagine what her life would be today.

One Other Endometriosis Fact to Keep in Mind:

70% of Teenage Girls Who Experience Chronic Pelvic Pain Are Later Diagnosed With Endometriosis

Article Name
Endometriosis Excision Ends Teen's Years of Pelvic Pain
Erika's Story - a video about how a young girl and mother persevered through 4 years of disabling pain and misdiagnosis to reclaim her life.