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The BioMat is a pad, which can be placed on your mattress, floor, or a massage table. There are several different sizes to meet your needs. The BioMat uses infrared technology, negative ions, and Amethyst Quartz Crystals to support the immune system, promote relaxation, decrease pain, improve sleep, and aid in detoxification. Far Infrared Light (FIR) promotes vasodilation, which brings nutrients and oxygen to soft tissue regions, and stimulates the removal of accumulated toxins. This aids in decreasing inflammation and edema from the soft tissue. In addition, FIR helps reduce muscle spasm, swelling, inflammation, and soreness. The BioMat can also speed healing after surgery by 57%. Many of you get great relief from heating pads. You can think of the BioMat as a super powered heating pad that penetrates deep into your tissues to relieve pain and improve your overall health at the same time!

In an effort to make life more convenient and easy for our patients, VHI has recently opened an online supplement store. We have included our most commonly used supplements recommended by our practitioners. In addition, supplement packages have been included for surgery, PCOS, endometriosis, general health, menopause, strengthening the immune system (prevention and when you are sick), and natural UTI solutions (for E. Coli and non-E Coli strains). Our office will provide you with a code for easy ordering after you are given your supplement recommendations.

VHI Online Supplement Store