An international beacon for women’s healthcare – providing hope and relief to women worldwide

Women travel to Vital Health Endometriosis Center from all around the world to benefit from our extensive expertise, specialized care and unique paradigm in the treatment of endometriosis, pelvic pain and other complex gynecological conditions.

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Endometriosis specialist surgeon Dr. Andrew Cook portrait

A leader in the field with advanced skills in minimally invasive surgery for endometriosis

Dr. Andrew Cook is considered one of the leading endometriosis specialists worldwide, both for his many years of experience and success in advanced excision surgery and for his comprehensive approach to treating pelvic pain.

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Compassionate, holistic, patient-centered care

Our philosophy is characterized by compassion, dedication, and a leading edge integrative approach. Our multidisciplinary team of dedicated health practitioners provides the perfect synergy between traditional Western (allopathic) treatments, including advanced endometriosis excision surgery, and complementary, integrative care, coordinated from the same center.

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Dr. Andrew Cook in an endometriosis consultation


We are unique in the quality of care and expertise we offer our patients

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We set the gold standard for the surgical treatment of endometriosis proven by our outstanding patient outcomes

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We treat the whole person through a uniquely comprehensive integrative approach

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Our surgery patients receive complimentary long-term follow-up care wherever they happen to be in the world

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We offer a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs and wishes

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We treat every woman the way she deserves to be treated – with compassion, respect and dedication

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We draw upon decades of expertise, having successfully treated thousands of women

I believe you, and I’m sorry that you’re in this much pain‘ – When Dr. Cook said this to me last year I knew I had finally found a doctor who would take me and my endometriosis seriously.

Endometriosis patients deserve the very best of care in the hands of a world-renowned expert