Danielle Cook has been Accepted into the Integrative Health Sciences Doctoral Program

Danielle Cook, MS, RD, CDE, has been accepted into the doctoral program and is currently working on her Doctorate of Health Sciences in Integrative Health with a concentration in Nutrigenomics. She joined Vital Health Institute in April 2012 and has served as Director of the Department of Integrative Medicine since November 2013. Danielle is a gifted healthcare provider.

All of us at Vital Health Institute would like to congratulate Danielle on her acceptance into her doctoral program. She has her work cut out for her, but will excel in this program as she has done in her previous education. She is a walking encyclopedia of information and knowledge regarding integrative health, nutrition, lifestyle therapy and nutrigenomics, with a specific understanding of how all of this affects women with endometriosis.

Danielle Cook

There is rarely a day that she is not reading or learning, usually for hours at a time, about women’s holistic health issues and how they relate to endometriosis. She has been instrumental in developing the holistic aspect of the endometriosis treatment program at Vital Health Institute.

Danielle also recently authored a paper on Dietary Strategies for the Management of Endometriosis that will serve as a continuing education course on endometriosis for dieticians.