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COVID-19 Update

As everyone is aware, we are all dealing with an unprecedented, evolving situation with the COVID-19 virus. Our staff is still working hard every day, and although we are not permitted to perform surgeries or see you in our office, we are still processing cases for upcoming surgery dates, reviewing records and doing free new patient phone consults.

General Updates:

The United States Surgeon General and the Governers of California and Colorado have urged all hospitals to delay “non-essential” surgeries in the wake of the pandemic. The American College of Surgeons has supported this measure, asking hospitals, healthcare systems, and physicians to ‘minimize, postpone or outright cancel’ certain surgeries temporarily in order to protect patients and avoid drawing on healthcare resources that may be needed to manage the outbreak. We must adhere to the precautions being put in place by the CDC, state and federal agencies and the hospital where we operate in an effort to ensure that we are taking every measure to protect our patients and their family members – as well as our staff and the community – from the transmission and spread of the coronavirus. All cases have temporarily been suspended until April 13th as per restrictions put in place beyond our control. The status of any surgery scheduled for April 13th or after will be re-evaluated on a daily basis. Please do not schedule any non-refundable travel plans until you have final confirmation from Michelle at our office.

Patients will be contacted shortly, if they have not been already, regarding the status of their surgery and rescheduling. We know this is beyond frustrating and we greatly apologize. Please be assured Dr. Cook and staff are working closely with those who are affected by the selected postponements to ensure that we are able to re-accommodate patients as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Please note the following updates:

All office locations are currently closed until further notice. This is only a temporary measure and we are eager to return to normal operations as soon as possible.

For medical matters only, please phone us at 408-358-2511 to be connected to our medical staff.

For other matters including billing concerns, surgery scheduling matters, medical records or record reviews, schedule an in-office appointment and insurance inquiries, please email Michelle.

For all other non-urgent inquiries, please email Bailey.

Free Case Reviews:

We are still accepting cases for review and surgery scheduling for May and beyond, and nothing has changed in that regard. If you are considering sending your records to potentially plan your case with us, please visit the Review My Case form and proceed accordingly. If you are awaiting your call to be scheduled, please know we are doing our very best to get new patients who have just been reviewed scheduled for May and beyond in as timely a manner as possible. However, given the current circumstances, you may experience delays in receiving your scheduling call.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience. Thank you again for your understanding as we do our best to serve the needs of all of our patients during these crazy times.

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