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Administrative Staff

Our friendly administrative staff are here to assist you on your journey toward healing, from processing your records and scheduling your first appointment, to arranging follow-up care and undertaking research to help future generations of women.

I love talking with women from all over the world and helping them on their journey to recovery.
– Michelle Waterstreet


Michelle, who joined Vital Health Endometriosis Center in August of 2002, is the first point of contact for every patient looking for answers to her health care concerns. She is caring and compassionate as well as highly skilled, resourceful, and knowledgeable concerning every aspect of Vital Health Endometriosis Center’s programs. Michelle works with patients individually to map out and explain every facet of the patient experience. She ensures no details are overlooked and no patient’s question is left unanswered. She patiently counsels women about their medical and financial concerns, ensuring they are comfortable and prepared to make educated decisions regarding their health care needs. Her years of experience advising patients are invaluable to women seeking to resolve their health issues and improve the quality of their lives. Prior to joining Vital Health Endometriosis Center, Michelle was employed by Zhone Technologies (and Premisys Communications, prior to its acquisition by Zhone) for eight years in Project Management and Executive Administration capacities. Michelle graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a minor in Spanish in 1992. She is a native Californian and has been living in the Bay Area for the last sixteen years.

My heart goes out to all who suffer from pelvic pain. There is hope and we are here to help. Education, Patient Advocacy, and excellent surgery are the keys to helping women regain a healthy life, without pain.
– Margaret Sterner


Margaret’s professional experience includes an extensive background in Accounting, Information Technology, Data Analysis, and Systems Management. She has worked on assimilating Vital Health’s patient data, managed the transition to our Electronic Medical Records System, and served as Information and Communication Manager. Margaret has traveled to many Endometriosis events representing Vital Health and continues to provide staff and patient support as our Director of Health Informatics & Patient Liaison Services. Margaret spends her free time cooking, gardening, fishing, RV camping, and generally enjoying the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains lifestyle.

I assist our patients in accessing the care they so desperately need.
– Jil Britt


Jil is responsible for the office’s billing and processing of insurance claims. She works with the patients’ insurance providers to ensure that each patient receives the maximum benefits she is entitled to through her healthcare coverage plan. The assistance she offers and her wealth expertise in working with insurance companies help lift a burden off our patients’ shoulders so that they can focus fully on recovering from what has often been years of living with a debilitating illness. In her spare time, Jil enjoys spending time with her friends and family and taking advantage of all the South Bay has to offer.

It’s a great privilege being part of a team that understands and cares for those who are seeking answers. My goal is to make sure that every patient receives the best care and service possible.
– Charlee


Charlee manages the front desk and main office phone lines. She is the first person you meet when you come into the office and often the first person you will speak to on the phone. Her caring personality puts you at ease and helps make Vital Health the friendly, welcoming place it is. While focusing on patient needs, Charlee sees to it that scheduling and call direction are handled efficiently and appropriately and her excellent attention to patient needs has been a big help to our patients. Charlee will always see to it that your requests are handled as promptly and efficiently as possible. When she’s not assisting our patients, she loves to watch her girls play club volleyball and spend time with her husband and dog, Ruby.

I work hard to ensure that patient requests are handled professionally and efficiently. – Ted Sterner


Ted takes care of medical records input, surgical records and reports, insurance calls, surgical questionnaires, patient follow-up questionnaires, and general staff assistance. Ted played a pivotal role in the process of converting the office records to digital format for the new Electronic Medical Records system, as well as other past projects to improve the efficiency with which the office functions. In his spare time, Ted enjoys playing electric and acoustic guitar, running and racing Nitro RC Cars.

I love this office. I love the people, I love how they treat me, I love how it’s decorated (hey it’s important sometimes), I love how they work together and think about each patient holistically. Thank you!
– Nadia

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Administrative Staff Vital Health
Our friendly administrative staff is here to assist you on your journey toward healing. Schedule your first appointment now.